Landlord Information

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher

Renting to a Section 8 Participant

  • SGHA has not screened Section 8 participants with regard to the family's suitability for tenancy. Landlords are strongly encouraged to screen Section 8 participants as they would any other tenant.
    • Please note however, that tenants are not eligible for assistance unless they can provide the housing authority with favorable landlord references upon admission to the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. In addition, families must successfully complete a criminal background check and may not have any drug related or violent criminal offenses. Applicants with a life-time sex offender registration requirement are NOT eligible for Section 8 assistance.
  • SGHA does not pay or regulate security deposit payments. The amount of a security deposit should be reasonable and not exceed the amount paid by tenants who are not participants on the Section 8 program.
  • SGHA does not guarantee against damages to a unit, nor will they pay for damages should they be incurred.
  • SGHA will enter into a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract with the landlord which states that the SGHA will continue to pay their portion of the tenant's rent as long as the tenant is an eligible participant on the program.
  • If the Section 8 participant becomes ineligible for housing assistance but remains in the unit, the family will be responsible for the entire rent amount. If the family is unable to pay the rent amount in full, the landlord may initiate the eviction process as they would with any other tenant.
  • Section 8 participants are similar to other renters who are not receiving subsidized housing assistance. The primary differences are that SGHA will be paying a portion of their rent based on their monthly income, in addition, the landlord agrees to maintain the unit within HUD's Housing Quality Standard guidelines at all times.

Landlords who are willing to participate in Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, we appreciate your cooperation in helping families and individuals in our community obtain decent, safe and sanitary housing.

The following documents will be provided for each tenant for your review and /or completion:
  • Landlord Information Packet
  • Request for Tenancy Approval
    • Must be completed by landlord and signed by tenant and landlord
      • This form identifies information with regard to the unit's size, utility consumption, etc.
  • Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint
    • All owners must disclose any information they have with regard to lead-based pain used in the unit to be rented. The disclosure must be completed by the landlord and signed by the tenant and landlord
    • Units built prior to 1978 may contain lead-based paint which is harmful if ingested by humans. If a unit built prior to 1978 contains paint that is chipping or peeling, HUD considers this a hazard and all chipping or peeling paint must be treated and abated if necessary. Most units have been painted since 1978 with paint which does not contain lead and therefore, are suitable for tenancy.
  • Lease Amendment for Drug Free Housing
    • Must be signed by tenant and landlord
      • This form is an agreement that stipulates that neither the tenant nor the landlord may engage in any illegal substance abuse or possession of any illegal substances on the property to be rented.
  • Housing Survey
    • Must be completed and signed by the landlord
      • This form is used to assist the housing authority in determining if the rent proposed by the landlord is reasonable in comparison to un-assisted units in the area. The form is very specific to the unit with regard to amenities, utilities etc.
  • W-9
    • Must be completed and signed by landlord
      • All landlords participating in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program will be issued a 1099 at the end of each calendar year from which they can discern the amount of rental income they have received for the year.

Once we have received and reviewed the required paperwork, an inspection will be scheduled for the unit (please review the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) guidelines). If the unit passes inspection, a lease may be executed and the rent subsidized. If the unit fails inspection, the required repairs must be completed before the housing authority will begin their assistance. If the housing authority is satisfied with the repairs, a lease may be executed and the rent subsidized.

Housing Quality Standard Guidelines

Below are some key items to be reviewed during an inspection:
  • All windows and doors, accessible from the outside, must lock
  • At least two working outlets and/or one working outlet and one working light fixture per room
  • Ceiling, wall and floor condition throughout the unit must be sound and free from hazardous defects
  • All painted surfaces must be free of defective paint (lead-based paint_ or must be adequately treated
  • Kitchen appliances:
    • All top burners on stove/range must be in working order
    • Operational oven/and or microwave
    • Refrigerator must maintain a temperature low enough to avoid food spoilage
  • Hot and cold running water
  • Hot water heater must be located, equipped and installed in a safe manner
  • All bathrooms must possess an open window or working ventilation system
  • Working smoke detector on each level
  • Two means of egress for fire safety
  • No electrical hazards present (e.g., uncovered/protruding wires, missing switch covers)
  • Railing must be present for stairs/porches of four steps (30 inches) and higher
  • Water and sewer must be connected to adequate public or private systems
  • Heating and ventilation systems capable of providing adequate heat and/or ventilation to all rooms used for living
  • Property must be free from heavy accumulation of garbage or debris (inside/outside), and must have adequate facilities for proper disposal